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Silver Supporter is on its way to NZ turning around after unloading our containers and mail and loading our cargo. Silver supporter will be here end of January.

We are open to all orders and enquiries.

PLEASE NOTE: COVID have slowed our shipments from NZ to the rest of the world. It now takes a few Month to ship orders from NZ. PLEASE Know and Please be patient. it will get there.

Please send your orders in to me for this shipment.

Please note that we DO NOT HAVE TRACKING as our mail goes to NZ and it is put into the international Postal system of New Zealand.

Maimiti Hav‚Äčen Arts


to our



Mavis & Meralda Warren

Christmas Celebrations Pitcairn style in the Adamstown square. My Mum Mavis and me


Welcome to Maimiti Haven Arts

Caul een un si ucklan.

(call in and see us)

Luk orn awas online shop page

(Look and see our online shop page)

Sank yu fer looken orn un wi gwen ya yu when yu se een tutch

(Thank you for checking us out and we will be in touch with you)

Email: [email protected]

My name is Meralda Warren and with my Mum Mavis we offer you the best of Pitcairn Island Products that we make.

Pure Pitcairn Island Honey- Pitcairn Island Coffee-  Handmade soaps- Oils- Body creams.

Tapa made & designed by Meralda

Weaving of baskets and other great traditional weavings- New creations in weaving and plaiting by Mavis & Meralda

My Mums weavings are getting limited so I will have to step up and do my best to weave them.

Coconut Oils made with local coconuts by Meralda

Music on CD or USB stick. A new album written and performed by Randy Key from Kansas USA with my help. Songs of Pitcairn.

My Music on CD or USB stick Pitcairn songs, With Love Maimiti and Here comes Mama with her niau broom.

Meralda Warren