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Music: Randy Key-Songs of Pitcairn


Songs of Pitcairn is written and sung by Randy Key. I helped him write the song Down in Adamstown . We have shared many stories on Pitcairn and Randy have put them into music which he played and sang. He had them recorded into an 8 track albulm.

His excellent guitar and banjo moves will capture you and take you back to when our Bounty Tapunas were first settling on this Bounty Island paradise. for the first time the Snoopy story is told in song of how my dog rescued me.

It is available in both USB and CD.


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Randy Key CD Songs of Pitcairn

Songs of Pitcairn is an album that tells of Pitcairn stories of true events. The stories captured in song, written and performed by Randy Key from Kansas. Together we present this album for you to enjoy.

Randy Key CD Songs of Pitcairn