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Books: Mi Bas side orn Pitcairn


The contents of this book portrays each special place on Pitcairn that each individual child feels so strongly about.

we started the project in 2007 and completed everything in January 2008. The school teacher Susan Daveys was involved too enjoying the time with the children and also learning about Pitcairns Place names, our language and our culture.

Being the Culture teacher, I am honoured to help our children with our heritage and keep it alive in books, Music and videos.

Thank you for taking time to read their book.

Today 2020 these children are now adults and some have children of their own. I am so proud to be a part of their learning.

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2 Hua Chain plait and Fishtail plait Hat

2 Hua chain and Fishtail plait hat

Randy Key CD Songs of Pitcairn

Songs of Pitcairn is an album that tells of Pitcairn stories of true events. The stories captured in song, written and performed by Randy Key from Kansas. Together we present this album for you to enjoy.

Randy Key CD Songs of Pitcairn