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Well our Supply ship Silver supporter Unloaded our cargo, Picked up our containers and other things being shipped to NZ including our outgoing mail as well as passengers heading to NZ.

It departed here on 27th July hitting bad weather which slowed them down and they are now in NZ.

Once the ship is cleared by MAF and customs the containers will be unloaded and on a road trip from Tauranga to Auckland.Our containers with supplies and hopefully our mail this time will be trucked to Tauranga, loaded on Silver Supporter and hopefully be here in September. they will try and unload before doing trips to Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Island before returning to Pitcairn and then head to NZ. So we are open to orders from my online shop.

Thank you all.

Update on the May shipment. the mail was delivered to NZ. Its taken NZ a long time to sort then ship by sea to your destination. Hope it gets there soon.

July supply ship.

Hi All our supply ship Silver supporter will be here morning of the 21st if all goes well.

So Orders from my shop if it comes in after this coming week, well it will wait till September and we will catch up then.

Thank you all for ordering with me and please check out. Randy Keys Music Songs of Pitcairn is also on CD

we have been getting request for both his and my CDs. so good to be able to do that.

Catch up soon.

July 2021 supply ship

Hi all. Our supply ship Silver supporter is due into NZ Today with our Mail sent out 2 weeks ago.

It will be a turn around and they are hoping to get here in July.

Due to Covid, every where in the world delivery has been extremely slow.

Please get in touch.

Thank you all for your support.

Meralda & Mum



Happy New Year 2021

Posted on January 4, 2021 at 2:40 PM

Hi to you all and welcome back to my website and a very Happy New Year.

Apologies for not answering you straight away. I have had computer and also internet issues.

The Silver Supporter our supply ship left Pitcairn on 22nd December and is almost there to Tauranga in NZ.

They will Unload cargo and our containers will be shipped to Auckland NZ.

The goods will be checked and cleared by MAF as well as NZ customs.

I hear from Customers that mail sent in September are arriving so I am pleased that you take time out to let me know.

Thank you so much.

Please stay safe. check out my store and let me know.

Our ship is planning to be here February.

I have been working on my hives and have some honey to take fresh out of the hives.

My very best to you.

Thank you for your support


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